Amazing service. The best Savannah cat we've ever had. I was remarkably surprised when Klaus was delivered at our doorsteps. If you've ever bought a cat before, you know it can be a little traumatic waiting for information and hoping the kitten will be all you imagine he/she will be. My experience with our new little guy was great. I am so grateful for the degrees of care taken at every step, including following up on my experience. You just don't see that from any breeder as a general rule. They are serious about health, safety, and high-touch care for each and every kitten. Thank you for helping get Klaus to our home during the COVID-19 crisis
Heather’s Family
This is my second time getting a kitten from Aarons Exotic Paw Cattery Great experience first time with my healthy cat 'Jack' and second-time with brandy (original name Wilson) . I totally recommend this place for any Savannah cat Lover!! Healthy smart sweet and great family-oriented kittens …I love my boys they are my world thanks to Aarons Exotic Paw Cattery
Lavern and Linda shirk
"Hi Exotic Paw, Oscar is doing great. We are very much compatible. I'm so fortunate to have found him, thanks a lot for raising him. We went out for a ride today and kept him in my arms. I checked up on him last night and he was snuggled with his toy that has his “home scent”. Aww, it almost broke my heart! I have been taking him everywhere with me to get him acquainted with strangers. He is such a darling!"
"Our family was so thankful when we found "Exotic Paw! Words cannot express how excited we were when we finally found out about the day we would drive 3 hours away to pick him up. We always say " we cannot live our lives without a cat" and it is so true! Pudge is a cute kitten with a human inside. He is precious, hilarious, and absolutely gorgeous! We will be forever grateful as we enjoy the gift that gives us endless laughs. Thank you for all of your care, compassion, and devotion to all of the adorable kittens that you have placed within so many families, bringing us wonderful memories for years to come.!"
Oh, what a great baby!! Stalon is very much a kitten!! He is running all over and likes to nip at everyone's ankles!! Thank you so very much Aarons Exotic Paw Cattery. And Stalon thanks you so very much - got to go - Stalon just "found" my earpiece!!!!
Hi, I am Heidi’s mom Beverly White. There are no words to thank you and your husband for the gift you gave us. our loss of Annie was so great, we are all suffering.. We can never bring her back, but Rosie has already, as soon as we saw her, filled our aching hearts. she will have a most wonderful life with us and our family and friends. My mother in law is in a nursing home here and she will visit her and all of her friends who need some love. pls. send me your address, I have something to send to you,, just for a thank you. we will be at our home in west palm beach for the winter months and she will have a wonderful time with all the pets on our street.. Everyone is anxious to meet her. I have a couple of friends who live in FL, and would like to also have a kitten, and will turn them on to your site. again, many thanks
I recently purchased my best friend through Aarons Exotic Paw cattery. Henley arrived at my door and we have been best buddies since she is as healthy and perfect as you described. Would definitely recommend Exotic paw to anyone searching for the perfect forever Cat.
Mr. Kleonel & Son
Considering the few mishaps due to the circumstances with the COVID19, I’m happy with my overall experience with you guys. My family and I are greatly appreciative of all your help with placing Creed into our family. We are in love with our new adorable family member already. I’ve already spread the word to friends and family members of the superior service I’ve received.
"Hello Exotic Paw Family, I just wanted to send you an email and give you an update on Troy. He is doing really well! We started his training classes 2 weeks ago and he has gone once a week. He knows more words now and is very interesting! He is very smart and cute – the teacher loves him and likewise!! I’ve attached pictures of him so you can see.!"
"Hello Exotic Paw, Lisa has been incredible! The other cats love her. She salutes them in the morning. Lisa makes them happy all the time and they do so much. She likes hanging out in my lap and loves it when I kiss her. She is doing so well with potty training. She now goes to the back door and scratches to go out to potty, it's just awesome. After bathing her I used the blow dryer and she loved it. Overall she is great! I will always keep you posted, so don't be surprised if you see my email address pop up anytime soon."
There are not enough words I can say. How Exotic Paw Home had helped me with finding my little F2 girl ?? Bella, she has brought so much joy in my life. Thank all of you at the Exotic Paw family for bringing me and Bella together.